We are Southwest Airlines Super Fans. When we heard they fly to Grand Cayman through Fort Lauderdale or Houston, Texas we were on a mission to get there.

We were trying to find a warm, tropical destination to spend my 40th birthday as a family and the super kid-friendly, family-friendly island of Grand Cayman was at the top of our list. We also didn’t want to rent a car and Grand Cayman is a place where you can take cabs.

We decided to stay a week and fly out on a Tuesday. The flight was not bad because it stopped in Fort Lauderdale which is only about 2.5 hours. Our layover was short and once you are in the air from Fort Lauderdale that flight is so short.

Owen Roberts International is so close to all the main hotels on Grand Cayman. The cab ride from the airport to the hotel was 11 minutes. It’s pretty cool because they drive on the other side of the road in Grand Cayman and that was interesting to see.

Where to Stay

We decided to stay at the Ritz Carlton on Seven Mile Beach. Kids under 6 years old eat for free and many beach amenities are included in your resort fee. There is also a kids splash park on the bay side of the hotel.
We arrived on Tuesday by 2pm and spent the rest of the day checking in, unpacking and exploring the hotel.
They were so gracious since it was my 40th birthday celebration and treated us like royalty. They even kept calling Olivia princess.
Grand Cayman 2019 Kid Friendly Destinations Ritz
Grand Cayman Ritz – Birthday Surprise

Things To Do

Marriott Veranda’s Lobster Fest

Every Wednesday night the Marriott’s beach front restaurant called The Veranda has a lobster fete. There was also a pajama party for kids during the fete but children have to be 5 years old.

Stingray City

We booked a private boat charter through Crystal Charters on my actual birthday to take the 3 of us to Stingray City, Starfish Point and Rum Point for snorkeling. Sapphire Watersports also is another option that leaves directly from the Ritz.

We departed at 9am from Camana Bay and it was a 4-hour cruise that ended at 1pm. It was the highlight of our trip and we really enjoyed just cruising on the boat. The Stingrays are beautiful and holding starfish and being so up close and personal with nature was an awesome experience.

Stingray City | Grand Cayman 2019
Stingray City | Grand Cayman 2019
Starfish Point | Grand Cayman 2019
Starfish Point | Grand Cayman 2019
Crystal Charters Private Boat Charters | Grand Cayman 2019
Crystal Charters Private Boat Charters | Grand Cayman 2019

Observation Tower & Shopping

Camana Bay has cute shops and is only a 5-10 minute cab ride from the Ritz. We went here for breakfast one morning to eat at Jessies Juice Bar and check out the Observation Tower as well as do a little shopping.

Oasis Aqua Park

The Oasis Aqua Park is a new addition to Georgetown and located right where all the cruise ships arrive. Olivia loved this but it’s exhausting, really hard work and not for the faint of heart. You have to swim out to the aqua park. We went an hour before closing so that we didn’t have to deal with tears upon leaving.

Oasis Aqua Park | Grand Cayman
Oasis Aqua Park | Grand Cayman

Cayman Turtle Center

This was another highlight of our trip. The Turtle Center is an amazing spot where you can hold turtle, wade with turtles and also snorkel with turtles. It was a lot of fun and a pretty unique experience to do as a family. Hell is another tourist attraction located near the Turtle Center but we decided to skip it as most people didn’t rate it that high. I would have found it amusing to send a postcard stamped from Hell to a few family members back home though.

Cayman Turtle Center
Cayman Turtle Center

Hit the Spa

The Ritz has a fabulous spa and we have heard wonderful things about the spa at the Westin and Seafire. I was able to indulge in the Head and Foot massage at the Ritz and it was amazing.

Ritz Hotel Amenities

We had a beach day where we stayed at the beach all day and used the water bikes and catamarans. The Ritz staff will take you for a sail on the catamaran or teach you how to sail. We decided to let a captain take us out for an hour around the shore line.

Where to Eat

The Seafire Hotel has a restaurant called Ave. We loved the atmosphere, the menu and the cool outdoor patio. We explored the beautiful Seafire pool and property while waiting for our reservation.
The Westin’s Beach House restaurant (by far our fav meal) – you can walk from the Ritz via the beach and we sat outside. A highlight from the meal was the
Jessie’s Juice Bar is located at Camana Bay and it’s a very small place where you order and then take your food outside. They have avocado toast, smoothies and coffee.
Cracked Conch is walkable from the Turtle Center, so make sure you stop here for lunch before heading back to Seven Mile Beach. They have a beautiful view and delicious, unique menu items.
Andiamo at the Ritz – this is their pool restaurant and we ate here about 5 times because it was that good and very convenient. I had the best margarita I’ve ever had here and the best sea bass.
Overall Grand Cayman was our favorite family vacation to date. The Ritz was fabulous and they treated us like royalty. Service was top notch, Seven Mile Beach is stunning with crystal blue water and a shallow ledge that makes it safe for children. We are definitely returning to GC again at some point!
Sample Itinerary
2/19 Tuesday
Flight arrives 1:20pm
Explore hotel, beach, pool, toys
2/20 Wednesday
530pm dinner Veranda restaurant – (lobster fete is on Wednesday’s) Veranda is at Marriott and there is a Pajama party for kids during fete.
2/21 Thursday
8:50am arrive for the private boat
9am-1pm, 4 hours
Make reservation at Ave (seafire Hotel location)
2/22 Friday
Shopping and Jessie’s juice bar for breakfast
Observation tower
Oasis Aqua Park 2pm
7pm dinner Westin beach house restaurant (4 hour cancel policy) walked from ritz
2/23 Saturday
Turtle center
Hell – is near turtle center and you can walk to Cracked conch. You can take the public bus home
2/24 Sunday
Seven buffet at Ritz
Beach day
Mom spa day
Tried outdoor movie
Pool and dinner at Ritz on property
2/25 Monday
Dad spa day
Water park for kids
Beach, water slides
2pm Group Sail
2/26 Tuesday
Flight home 2:15pm

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