Our family loves Halloween. We love it so much we have to stop ourselves from putting up our house decorations mid-September. Getting together with friends with kids the same age, costume contests, carving pumpkins, Trunk or Treats….how can anyone not love Halloween!

When our good friends decided to throw a kid-friendly Halloween bash we were all in. Bringing a Halloween inspired dish to share, your favorite beer or wine, encouraging family costumes and roasting ghost s’mores on a stick were all part of the plan. A pumpkin carving contest seemed like alot of work and mess with toddlers but a few Halloween games were needed.


I let Olivia take the lead every year and then we plan our mommy and daddy costumes around hers. We started this when she was 2 years old. She wanted to be Captain America and she told me daddy was to be Hulk and mommy was to be Spiderman. It was so fun dressing up with her that we’ve done it every year since. This year she randomly decidedly last minute that she wanted to be Ariel from the Little Mermaid. I couldn’t find Ursula in time so I thought it was funny and unique when I found this skeleton Mermaid for me and Sebastian the crab for daddy. It was so fun surprising our friends with our family costume and seeing their fun costumes as well.

Halloween Games

Poke the Pumpkin

I got my inspiration from this site to build a Poke the Pumpkin game for the kids. I decided not to spend a ton of money creating this and re-used our Lemonade Stand crates instead of black cardboard. When you poke a pumpkin, you win a trick or a treat. Tricks can be ketchup packets and treats would be candy. Supplies needed to build this game include green paper for the pumpkin leaf, orange tissue, orange cups, rubber bands and a hot glue gun.

Mystery Box

I didn’t build one of these this year but it seems easy enough to use a shoe box or a large Amazon box to create this. You cut holes in the top and add items that the kids have to guess just by their sense of touch.


Amazon, and Hobby Lobby are my go to stores for Halloween themed crafts. I love the Melissa and Doug mess-free glitter crafts and the make your own monster and pumpkin crafts at Hobby Lobby.

Toliet Paper Mummy Game

This one is pretty easy. Depending on how many kids you have at your party, you can go to Costco and buy a big thing of toilet paper and your set. You can divide the kids into teams and within the team, they decide who gets to be the mummy. All of the other players get a roll of toilet paper. The adults/parents give a signal and then the teams start wrapping their mummy in toilet paper. The first team to use up al their toilet paper wins. Or the first team to cover their mummy entirely wins  – you decide the rules.

Thriller Dance-Off

Thriller, The Nightmare Before Christmas, The Monster Mash – these are all awesome Halloween songs to play a game of freeze with kids. Every time the music stops, they have to freeze.

Halloween Themed Pot Luck

We found these candy corn cookies at Target. They aren’t quite a Pinterest win but hey – we tried. As long as Olivia had fun, we can try for perfection next year.




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