I’ve wanted to take our daughter to Mickey’s Not so Scary Halloween Party in Orlando at the Magic Kingdom for a long time. Once I found out the special dates started in September, coinciding with her 4th birthday, we decided to make a trip to Florida and include my nieces who are 4-years old and 2-years old.

Magic Kingdom Halloween Event Tickets

We all bought our tickets early (like in August) to the Magic Kingdom because every year it sells out especially since we were going in October, we wanted to make sure we secured our tickets early. Children 3+ are $84 and adults are $89. It certainly wasn’t a cheap endeavor but we loved the idea of trick-or-treating throughout the park and all of us getting to dress up as a family.

Where to Stay

We typically enjoy renting houses with our own private pool when we travel as a family to Orlando. There are many great property rentals and wonderful properties with all kinds of amazing amenities. Orlando is ideal for multi-family vacations and group travel because of all the awesome house rentals that are available and close to Disney. We typically rent 4-bedroom homes for less than we’d spend on hotels (once you divide the cost between families). Also, saving on meals by hitting the local Publix and cooking or grilling by the pool while the kids swim always is fun.

I wanted to try Encore because they are a newer development with a fantastic waterpark on-site and many other amenities such as on-site restaurants, multiple playground for the kids, a spa and more. Encore is also a short, 5 minute drive to Walt Disney World.

For this trip to Orlando, we rented a 4-bedroom home because my parents were joining us and  with my brother, his wife and his two daughters, we wanted to have enough space to spread out. I used Jeeves rentals to book this house as I normally prefer to book with property management companies vs. VRBO. The house we rented even had a playroom for the kids which many of these houses have and some even have themed bedrooms such as Frozen or Star Wars.

Encore Onsite Community Water Park for Families
Encore Onsite Community Water Park for Families
Playroom Magnet Board
Playroom Magnet Board

Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party Tips

There are specific dates that are  reserved for Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party. The park then closes and re-opens on these dates and the party starts at 4pm and ends at 11pm. We decided to go in October when crowds are supposed to be the highest but we chose a Tuesday night to try to avoid most of the congestion. We arrived at 4pm so that the girls could ride the rides before the parade and firework show. We also decided to arrive early because we didn’t think the girls would last until midnight and wanted to do as much as possible before they melted down.

Dressing Up for Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party
Dressing Up for Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party

Dressing up is a must and encouraged by Disney. I tried to get my family and my brother’s family do dress up as the Scooby Doo fellas (I even offered to be Scooby-Doo) but we all kinda randomly pulled together some fun costumes. I brought pink colored hair spray for the girls and glitter hair spray to make the night more fun. Now even being October, it was a very hot day, about 90 degrees, so prepare for the heat and choose costumes for you and your children that won’t bog you down.

We rented a stroller because the less you can carry into the park the better. Then we hit the rides as soon as possible. It was my nieces first time at the Magic Kingdom and they were EXCITED! We rode Dumbo, the Tea Cups, the Cars……everything.

Rides at Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party Orlando
Rides at Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party Orlando

Trick or Treating in the park is fun and was one of our highlights of this event. When you enter they provide each person with their own bag. There are certain points around the park that are designated for the candy zones. Lines were not long and the girls loved the awesome candy that was given out.

Trick or Treating at Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party Orlando
Trick or Treating at Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party Orlando

The parade has two times and we opted for the earlier parade around 9pm. I think myself and the girls were hoping and thinking the parade characters would be throwing candy to the little ones but that didn’t happen and was sort of disappointing.

Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party Family Pic
Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party

Overall we had a great time. I’m not entirely sure that I would go again though. It was pretty pricey for what it was. We absolutely love the Magic Kingdom but I would spend the money just going another day to the park vs. pay for this special ticket. It does get a little crowded and a few of the lines were long. Happy Halloween!!

End of the Night Photo on way to Tram



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