Olivia started loving dressing up and playing with make-up and jewelry within  the past year. I somehow found this local boutique through alot of Google research. Glam & Glitz is a local clothing boutique that splits its’ time doing little girl glam parties. They have a stage, makeup, closets full of dresses, a pedicure station with pink seats and they allow guests to bring in cake, food and decorations.

Olivia and I decided to visit Dry Bar to get matching Star Wars buns and we brought pink and glitter hair spray to really bring the spunk to her 4th birthday party.

We used daddy’s portable speaker at the party to keep Taylor Swift on repeat since she’s Olivia’s all time favorite artist. I visited the Dollar Tree for princess themed plates, cups and napkins.

Since our party was under 7 girls it was a two hour party and we purposely held it after lunch time so that we could bring snacks  and cupcakes to save money. We opened gifts at home to give the girls more time to play dress up, get their hair done, nails painted and sing Happy Birthday and eat their cupcake.

The boutique had five teens helping us to get the girls dressed so we didn’t have to do anything but chit-chat with our adult friends. They helped the girls play a version of musical chairs and the winner won their own lip balm to create.

We had a blast, the girls had a blast and we decided that outsourcing all future kid parties might be the way to go going forward! Thank you Glam & Glitz for a really memorable, awesome birthday party for our little “diva” four year old!

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